In May 2015 LIN SCAN received a very prestigious and internationally recognized quality award in Dubai, U.A.E.

The Dubai Quality Appreciation Award (DQAP) was awarded based on a 3-year assessment of LIN SCAN internal systems; which were focused on implementing a globally leading model of excellent organization.

LIN SCAN’s commitment to excellence ensures continuous improvements and implementations of internationally recognized best business practices.

With the aim of becoming the global leader in providing complete pipeline integrity services, LIN SCAN envisions:

Improvement in robotic technologies to the highest resolution for pipeline anomalies recognition;

Innovation through extensive research, development and manufacturing;

Implementation of best-in-class equipment and software; and

Integration of heritage and experience to sustain commitment to excellence.

On winning the Dubai Quality Appreciation Award 2014, Dr. Khaled El Shami, President of LIN SCAN expressed his view that;

“Passion and Discipline should be regarded as a way of living for each employee in the organization and at all levels, ultimately achieving Excellency in Business Results & Stakeholder Relations”