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Bi-directional & Multidiameter Inspection Technology

LIN SCAN is well known for its innovative approach to “impossible pigging objectives.”

LIN SCAN has a variety of readily available solutions to inspect nonstandard pipelines.

There are multiple inspection technologies and application techniques, and such unique tools have been designed in-house and tested in the field.

LIN SCAN is ready to review pipeline parameters and recommend the best solution (both technically and economically).

In many cases, Bi-Di inspection tools are technically and economically the best solution for inspection of challenging pipelines:

  • Pipelines with a single entry point (no receiver installed)
  • Unpiggable pipelines with reverse flow
  • Loading pipelines
  • Pipelines with no flow

Types based on technology:

  • Caliper (Geometry)
  • Magnetic (MFL)
  • Ultrasonic (UT)

Types based on application:

  • Bi-Di tools for reverse flow operations
  • Tethered tools
  • Crawlers
  • Dual-diameter