METALWrap™ is a carbon fibre-based composite rehabilitation and reinforcement system applied to repair and strengthen operating pipelines without shutting down.

The reinforcement is due to the mechanical properties of the Carbon Fiber-Epoxy system; the same material used in space shuttle technology. This type of reinforcement restores the pressure holding capability of the pipeline to a level even higher than their original design value. Corroded or leaking pipes can be repaired with a reduction in cost and time in comparison to other types of repair available.

The Metal Wrap™ repair system has been accepted by API 1160 as a permanent repair system for external metal loss of up to 80% of the pipe wall. This repair method includes relevant design, fabrication, examination, and testing practices and may be temporary or permanent, depending on the circumstances.

Metal Wrap™ consists of four (4) specially tested components: epoxy putty (filler), epoxy primer, wet-out resin and unique bi-directional woven carbon fibre material.

Before application of Metal Wrap™, our team performs engineering assessment to prepare a rehabilitation system according to pipeline parameters such as wall thickness, operating temperature and pressure, defect type, metal loss, etc. The data is processed by Metal Wrap™ Software to determine the number of layers and a variety of resins to be applied with the carbon fibre cloth. The system has the highest creep resistance, thus allowing for extreme ambient temperature fluctuation.

Unlike traditional repair methods, the use of METAL Wrap™ will adapt to any surface contours (near weld seam or girt) that need to be repaired.

Why use Metal Wrap™ instead of traditional methods?
– Costs less
– No shutdown
– Less installation time
– Applicable to all pipe sizes
– Flexible around complex shapes
– Does not change the original features of the pipe
– High tensile strength
– No creep with time
– No welding or hot work
– Lasts longer (20 year’s lifetime)
– No heavy equipment to install
– Significant strength and ductility to the level even higher than pipeline
– Original pressure rating.

METAL Wrap™ complies with: ASME B31, .8, .4, .G and PCC-2 Art 4.1, 4.2 and API 570 and API 1160.

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