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LIN SCAN is one of the leading in-line inspection companies worldwide.

With over 20 years of experience, we provide bespoke in-line inspection and pipeline integrity services. All of our equipment is designed and fabricated in-house and covers the full range of pipeline diameters.

LIN SCAN supplies cleaning tools, pig traps (launchers & receivers) and provides specialised pipeline cleaning services. LIN SCAN has its corporate office established in Dubai and its subsidiaries in other countries worldwide including Europe, Africa, North America, CIS, Middle East and Asia.

LIN SCAN’s Research and Development (R&D) and Manufacturing division are known for innovative cleaning and inspection solutions for all pipeline diameters from 2 to 56 inch with a variety of inspection technologies for all industries.

We detect, define, locate and size all anomalies reliably and accurately; including cracks. Our software programs identify integrity threatening anomalies. We can predict when not dangerous, anomalies become threatening.

LIN SCAN’s services division is always nearby you as we have subsidiaries around the globe following our “Think Globally – Act Locally” philosophy.

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Your Pipeline Integrity Partner

President's Message

Dear industry professionals,

Our “commitment to excellence” is driven by providing you with the best possible Pipeline Inspection and Integrity Management Services.

We have developed and have built the best:

  • Hardware inspection equipment to collect data from your pipeline and
  • Software to process into reliable inspection reports.

Our inspection tools move in your pipeline in the smoothest way possible to minimise the dynamic influences of operational pipelines so that it produces quality data.

The software programs present reliable pipeline inspection information comprehensively and support all Pipeline Management Integrity programs.

The Research and Development Department is continuously pushing today’s technology barriers to generate innovative solutions to increase the inspection accuracy from the accepted 90% industry standards to 99.9%.

LIN SCAN modus operandi is based on the approach of optimising Management, Environment, Reporting, Integrity and Technology (MERIT).

Finally, we have successfully inspected many “un-piggable” pipelines, and we are determined to find solutions for your “un-piggable” pipes too.

Dr Khaled El Chami


To be recognised as the “leading global in-line inspection company.”

By providing bespoke pipeline integrity management support focused on optimising cost for pipeline maintenance and repair, reporting accuracy and operating capabilities.

Commitment to excellence

Every day, LIN SCAN demonstrates its commitment to excellence for solving clients challenges in the operating environment by providing innovative, bespoke solutions based on the very best technical in-depth industry knowledge. Working collaboratively with the clients’ team, we ensure a safe, professional, reliable and cost-efficient outcome for every project.
Core Values
LIN SCAN Advanced Pipelines and Tanks Services
In our era of accelerating progress, we all strive for timely and safe delivery of energy resources.

Our Core Values





Quality & HSE

LIN SCAN has been recognized as a quality driven company by international certification bodies.

Maintaining the highest quality standards is a catalyst for our success.

LIN SCAN developed and adopted quality management system designed to ensure continuous improvement of quality of our products and services.
The cornerstones of our system are “project-oriented” and “client-focused” principles.

We ensure an individual approach to each client and plan our operations to ensure they are fully tailored to client requirements.

We prepare the equipment for each project individually and do not apply “standard” solutions. We provide awareness training to our personnel to ensure that all the specific project issues are not left unattended.

We manage our projects, taking into consideration cultural, governmental, legal and other concerns before the commencement of works. We intend to speak the language of our clients.

LIN SCAN Advanced Pipelines and Tanks Services

API Q1 (including API 1163), ANSI/ASNT ILI-PQ

Our personnel and pigging systems are qualified in accordance with the API Q1 (including API 1163) ANST/ASME ILI PQ 2017(reapproved 2010).

ATEX compliant

Our equipment is ATEX compliant (allowed for operation in Zone 1 potentially explosive atmospheres).

Quality Management Certification

Our Quality Management System is certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO/TS 29001:2020.

Environmental Certification

Our Environmental Management System is certified in accordance with ISO 14001:2015.

Special inspection solutions

Thanks to our extensive experience in Inline Inspection and efficient cooperation of our R&D laboratory, tool production department and operations department, our company offers solutions for the intelligent inspection of pipelines with operating conditions and technical specifications unsuitable for standard tools.

Our professionals successfully execute projects for the following situations:

  • Excessive or insufficient speed
  • High or low-pressure pipelines
  • High-temperature pipelines
  • Pipelines not equipped with launching and receiving traps
  • Bidirectional flow in offshore loading lines
  • Extended tool run time
  • Dual-diameter pipelines
  • High H2S pipelines
  • UT inspection in gas pipelines (batching)
  • Specialised tool design on a case-to-case basis
  • Development of tools for pipelines with complex geometry
  • Three-way ball valve type pig traps (using extra short inspection tools)

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