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LINSOFT Pipeline Data Management System

LINSOFT Pipeline Data Management System (PDMS) provides pipeline owners and operators with a software platform to organize available data, monitor the condition and plan rehabilitation programs for pipeline networks.

LINSOFT PDMS is built on 3D pipeline route with real image profile including topography features which serves as a basis for synchronizing all pipeline construction, maintenance and inspection records.

Analysis and assessment of this synchronized information, particularly anomalies detected during periodical inspection campaigns, will ensure that existing anomalies growth rate is reliably estimate. This will provide necessary input for the development of pipeline operating scenarios for years ahead.

PDMS can be linked and/or made compatible to existing software systems of a client.

LINSOFT PDMS includes:

Synchronized inspection data from different campaigns in one database
All commercial/technical information on pipeline features/installations, maintenance, repair history, purchase orders, design and as-built drawings etc.
Geographical coordinates for every joint – “pipeline fingerprint”
Analysis and combination with other inspection results (PH of soil, Cathodic potential surveys etc)

In broad lines:

  • LINSOFT PDMS correlates and enhances all inspection information for more accurate sizing of anomalies with higher confidence levels.
  • LINSOFT PDMS enables integrity management activities such as identifying different defect processes, determining anomalies growth rates, estimating failure dates and consequences based on specific geographical location.
  • LINSOFT PDMS is a tool for maintenance planning.
  • LINSOFT PDMS is an ultimate instrument to provide holistic approach to the Integrity Management.


“LINSOFT” is LIN SCAN’s Proprietary Software package with user-friendly interface that provides comprehensive information on the results of in-line inspection. Data collected by the inspection tool is organized into a database and is processed and converted into several informative formats of presentation to the user in tables, diagrams, plots, etc. “LINSOFT” can generate various client customized reports.

The inspection data is processed with “LINSOFT” and is used for compilation of Inspection Reports. The format of the final Inspection Report meets the requirements of “Specifications and Requirements for Intelligent Tool Inspection of Pipelines”, as subscribed by the members of the Pipeline Operators Forum. Defect assessments are carried out using international & local standards (ASME, DNV, GOST-R etc). “LINSOFT” is also compatible with electronic maps.