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The industry focus on unpiggable pipelines is rising. Even with enhanced technologies, many pipelines remain ‘unpiggable’ due to various reasons. Such pipelines not cleaned for long time or never cleaned makes it a challenge to do intelligent pigging.
LIN SCAN Advanced Pipelines and Tanks Services

LIN SCAN has a designer approach to un-piggable lines and working closely with the operational and maintenance groups; we have pigged many “unpiggable” pipelines. The key to success in pigging the unpiggable lines is due to the additional pre-planning, such as working out an inspection strategy, considering special tool development, and investigating the need for pipeline preparation. Pre-planning considers not only the access, but the interval needed for each inspection, as well as consideration of special tool configuration. LIN SCAN with its vast and diversified experience is ready to take up more challenges.

Multi diameter pipelines are no more considered as unpiggable lines. LIN SCAN provides tailor made solutions for its clients having multi diameter pipelines.

Field Execution

All LIN SCAN field technicians are certified in accordance with ANSI/ASNT ILI-PQ-2005 and trained to comply with industry standards and practices of performing pigging operations in compliance with HSE requirements and with no effect to operations of our clients.

All our equipment is again thoroughly tested in the field prior to commencement of any works in the site area.

Immediately after award of any project all the relevant information related to job execution is organized into Pipeline Pigging Operations Manual covering all pigging aspects including detailed ex.

This Manual is discussed and modified if necessary in accordance with requirements of our clients.

Once the manual is approved we start acting in strict accordance with its provision in fully transparent manner. Thus we ensure our clients are fully informed on what we are doing at any stage.

Project Management

We are managing inspection projects worldwide as we are organized appropriately.

LIN SCAN senior experts – Area Managers are available in any part of the world for assisting clients with all your pipeline integrity related matters. They are authorized to act on behalf of LIN SCAN. While talking to an Area Manager – you are talking to a decision maker.

Area Managers are ultimately responsible for any project on the designated territory – starting from receiving the inquiry up to the final report acceptance.

Area Managers are coordinating their activities with LIN SCAN head office and have a team of professionals under their control to support our clients on the designated territory in full.
Our Area Managers have decades of experience in pipeline pigging and working for oil and gas industry in a whole in management positions.

Reporting & Verification

LIN SCAN Data Analysis Department consists of a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals, who ensure that the following processes are conducted in accordance to the highest quality standards:

• Tool performance testing (Pull-through tests) – prior tool mobilization

• Run data quality assessments – within 24 – 48 hours after the run

• Preliminary Analysis and Reporting – within 7 – 14 days after the run

• Verification activities – if required and based on preliminary or final reports

• Final Analysis and Reporting – mainly within 30 days

• Pipeline Integrity Assessment (Qualitative and Quantitative FFP, comparisons, Integration with XYZ and 3D mapping, etc.)

After every ILI run; the collected data is checked for completeness and structural integrity in the field and then is sent to LIN SCAN Head Office for analysis.

Data collected by the inspection tools is processed using LIN SCAN proprietary owned and application type software package; LinSoft. The reporting requirements can be fulfilled individually as our LinSoft program has the flexibility to adapt to empirical or metric units and it can switch between AMSE, SHELL92, R-Streng and so on very easily.