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LIN SCAN provides XYZ mapping services for all pipeline sizes.

LIN SCAN provides XYZ mapping services for all pipeline sizes. We install INS units on any type of inspection tool, thus we combine XYZ mapping with geometry, corrosion or crack detection surveys performed with Caliper, MFL, TFI or UT inspection tools.

XYZ mapping data is synchronized with inspection run info into a single database that can be viewed, analyzed and represented using LIN SOFT package.


Pipelines need to be mapped – this is the axiom for the modern pipeline industry.

By now many pipelines that have been built within last 50 years are still in service. The history of construction and maintenance records may no longer be available. Thus the owners and operators of some of those pipelines are not sure where exactly the pipeline route is – they know exactly only where the pipeline starts and ends.

Due to lack of this knowledge the pipelines can be easily damaged by third parties (for instance during excavation works).

On the contrary other pipelines may have too many records that have been accumulating for decades. These records have been prepared in different formats representing a huge volume of data in “chaotic” state.

The challenge of getting available pipeline information aligned and synchronized as well as mapping the pipeline route is met by running the in-line inspection tools with in-built Inertial Navigation System (XYZ Mapping Unit).

INS data combined with DGPS control points digitally builds a 3D virtual pipeline route tailored to XYZ coordinates of pipeline features and anomalies (longitude, latitude and altitude). The mapping information is incorporated into the inspection data report and can be integrated into Geographical Information System (GIS).

Thus all the pipeline data can be synchronized based on GPS mapping coordinates with submeter accuracy. Thus the operator will be able to virtually track how the anomalies have grown based on previous inspection data and assess their future growth. This gives the perfect opportunity to plan pipeline operating and maintenance scenarios.

Any newly laid pipeline shall be mapped during pre-commissioning caliper survey to establish a reference system for any future inspection, repair or maintenance activities from the very beginning.