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Wax Removal

Certain wax concentration is typical for oil pipelines and also it is typical for wax to crystallize in the pipe walls. Solid wax deposits on pipe walls reduce operational efficiency of oil pipelines.

Cleaning of wax requires a special approach as solid wax can combine with other mineral deposits and removal of it by conventional cleaning pigs may become impossible.

We have vast experience in cleaning oil pipelines with high wax content using specially developed de-waxing pigs.

These pigs are equipped with polyurethane blades, steel scrapers and other arrangements ensuring effective cutting and removing wax sediments. However, in many cases the wax cannot be fully removed by mechanical pigging means as the large part of wax content can be dissolved in oil.

Then we are ready to offer chemical cleaning solution. We will carry out engineering assessment, select chemicals and their volume, and develop the cleaning program. We will run the cleaning pigs along with pumping the batches of chemical solutions dissolving and bonding wax. LIN SCAN may perform such operation on turn-key basis having provided machinery, equipment, chemicals required.