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Supply of Pig Traps

We design and manufacture launchers and receivers both for onshore and offshore applications of any pressure rating to suit any site conditions.

Many pipelines that are being operated now were not designed for intelligent pigging. Thus many of them were not equipped with pig traps suitable for inline inspection tools and formally considered unpiggable.

However, we can make them piggable by providing permanent or temporary pig traps.

We also are ready to provide custom design solutions. For offshore applications we design our pig traps specifically taking into consideration the natural problem of any sea platform – lack of free area for the trap and pipeline.

LIN SCAN temporary pig traps are easy to handle, adaptable and lightweight, being a cost effective solution for any pig-the-unpiggable campaign.

Standard 6”, 8”, 10”, 12”, 14” and 42” pig traps with quick closures are available for sale. Other sizes can be manufactured upon request.

We will design and manufacture any special application traps you may need.

Pig Traps