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EMAT Inspection

Electromagnetic Acoustic Transducer (EMAT) is a non-destructive testing technology that has applications in a wide range of industrial sectors.

Our EMAT inspection method is effectively creating and using ultrasound for the detection of cracks/stress corrosion cracking without the need for a liquid couplant. A secondary benefit of the EMAT technology is that it may detect disbonded coating.

This technology based on the generation of ultrasonic waves is expanding ultrasonic inspection methods from only liquid lines to gas pipelines. It has distinct advantages that make it the technique of choice for many applications with accurate 360-degree inspection and 100% line coverage.

Consisting of a magnet and an electrical coil, EMAT uses electromagnetic forces to introduce sound energy into the test object through a combination of Lorentz Force and Magnetostriction.

Magnetic section: It contains brushes, powerful magnets and EMAT sensors. Our EMAT inspection tool magnetises pipe walls, and with the help of  sensors, in full contact with pipe wall, registers stress.

EMAT Sensors: Acoustic oscillations of metal, interacting with the magnetic field, induce electric current oscillations in the sensor coil. Pipeline features as discontinuities reflect and refract acoustic waves registered as ongoing oscillations by the EMAT sensors. After an inspection run, the data, recorded as EMAT sensor readings, is uploaded and then analysed to reveal any cracks and crack-like features that may require closer inspection or immediate repair.

Electromagnetic Acoustic Transducer (EMAT) Inspection