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Many pipelines operated at the moment were laid several decades ago. The layout or as-built drawings maybe both unavailable and inaccurate as well as maintenance and inspection records. Thus the accurate pipeline route information may also be missing.

LIN SCAN carries out pipeline mapping of any nominal size simultaneously with inspection runs using Inertial Mapping Units that can be installed on any inspection tool along with DGPS surveys of the pipeline route.

Nowadays, pipeline mapping is a must for any newly laid pipeline and operating pipeline. Pipeline mapping data not only ensures that the pipeline route is measured and known but also provide the basis for synchronisation of all available pipeline data and integration into GIS.

Knowing the exact geographical (XYZ) coordinates of any pipeline feature and anomaly will make maximum use of pipeline data you already have.

LIN SCAN Advanced Pipelines and Tanks Services


“LINSOFT” is LIN SCAN’s Proprietary Software package with a user-friendly interface that provides comprehensive information on the results of the in-line inspection.

Data collected by the inspection tool is organised into a database and is processed and converted into several informative formats of presentation to the user in tables, diagrams, plots, etc. “LINSOFT” can generate various client customised reports.

The inspection data is processed with “LINSOFT”, and we use this data for the compilation of Inspection Reports. The format of the final Inspection Report meets the requirements of “Specifications and Requirements for Intelligent Tool Inspection of Pipelines”, as subscribed by the members of the Pipeline Operators Forum.

We carry out feature assessments by following international & local standards (ASME, DNV, GOST-R, etc.). “LINSOFT” is also compatible with electronic maps.