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Surface Scanner

External surface inspection of the pipeline using MFL technology.

LIN SCAN External MFL Surface Scanner (EMSS) is a unique, reliable and easy to use technology.

This fully adjustable MFL scanner will scan from 4” to 10” flow lines and unpiggable pipelines. Our unique electronics recording system will allow the maximum inspection area in single pass with a scanning speed up to 2 m/s.

External MFL Inspection Tools


Calculated Length422 mm
Calculated Weight18Kg
Minimum ID in Straight Line114.3 mm
Minimum bend radius5D
Launching LengthN/A
Receiving LengthN/A
Maximum Standard Pipeline lengthN/A
XYZ GEO Mapping UnitOptional

Tomographic Scanner

Magnetic surface inspection of the pipeline using magnetometric technology.

Our Magnetic Surface Scanner (MSS) is the one of the fastest emerging technology globally for inspecting unpiggable pipelines.

MSS is developed for inspecting the initial damage or the plastic deformation induced by the local stress concentration.

The technique is:

  • Non-destructive and non-invasive
  • Not limited by content of transportation (Oil/Gas)
  • Deployable to any section of pipeline
  • Suitable for detection stress-concentrated areas under the influence of operational or residual stresses
  • Suitable for underground and offshore pipeline
External MFL Inspection Tools


Pipeline Diameter100 mm to 1400 mm
Wall thickness range2.5 MM to 24 mm
Pipe burial depth10 D
Clear ROW requirement+/-  4 meter of the pipe route?
Magnetic Data collection frequency2 Cm, 2.5 cm, 3 cm
Does odometer required to be changed for longer line No
Magnetic Interference Minimum distance between pipeline and other metallic utility line or pipeline
Pipeline under water
Inspection (in KM) in single day 4-6