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TFI Inspection

Transverse Field Inspection technology is also magnetic flux leakage based. However magnetizer sections installed in the inspection tool induce a flux field in the circumferential direction.

This magnetizer system design ensures detection and sizing of general type metal loss anomalies, same as conventional MFL tools, however it is also specifically developed for measurement of longitudinally oriented anomalies such as tunnel corrosion, longitudinal weld anomalies.

TFI tools also show good performance in detections and sizing of some types of crack-like anomalies.

Thus TFI technology ensures detection and sizing if certain anomalies that conventional axial MFL technology has difficulties with, but on the contrary, TFI’s capabilities on circumferentially oriented anomalies are more limited.

LIN SCAN is providing TFI inspection services all over the world on all pipeline sizes. As any other LIN SCAN’s inspection equipment these tools can be optionally equipped with IMUs to simultaneously carry out pipeline mapping.

All LIN SCAN TFI inspection tools (as well as MFL) belong to the latest generation – “True High Resolution” systems.

These tools are equipped with the measurement systems with the highest effective resolution both axial and circumferential ensuring the best sizing accuracy within the natural limitations of magnetic inspection technology.

Note: All our inspection tools are designed to meet or supersede the accuracy recommendations specified in “Specifications and requirements for intelligent pig inspection of pipelines” issued by POF (latest edition).

Transverse Field Inspection (TFI)