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Research and Development

Challenges of the modern pipeline industry require any service company to be on the edge of technology innovations. The same is valid for pipeline integrity management services.

LIN SCAN is an R&D company in the first place. Our Research and Development centre has developed the services we are providing to the industry worldwide. Thus, we own the technology solutions and services we offer as well as the equipment and software we operate.

Talking to LIN SCAN as a service provider, our clients at the same time speak to the original equipment manufacturer, developer, designer and operator. Thus, all issues can be resolved instantly in all aspects.

Our R&D centre contributes to LIN SCAN’s objective of being the “best in class” pipeline inspection company. We are continuously working on the development of the new and improving the existing technologies to serve the pipeline industry better also involving cooperation various institutions and universities around the globe.

Innovations are the cornerstone of LIN SCAN’s success. We know that, and we never stop our development firmly believing that only expanding technological boundaries today will ensure that we can set the standard tomorrow.

LIN SCAN’s R&D Center is a team of more than 40 developers and scientists aiming to develop equipment and software capable of achieving >95% Probability of Detection (POD) for all known pipeline anomalies.

We know this is possible, and we will make it happen.

We are happy to announce that LIN SCAN has been acquired by PIPECARE Group AG.