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Hot Tapping and Stopple

Hot tapping is a procedure that allows safely making links and connections to the pipeline operating under the pressure without stoppage of operation.

Hot tapping gives ability to make modifications, amendments and obviate pipeline form deformations that can be a result of physical or corrosion damages. Using this method it is possible to create bypass that would be a new temporary way of flow and prevent stoppage in operation. From the other hand bypass gives ability to do repair works on the whole section. Using the same scope of equipment (tapping flange, hole drilling machine and isolating valve) it creates not only new way of flow but isolates damaged section and allows to repair or replace it.

Hot Tapping procedure is applicable for most types of pipelines and can be efficient decision for operators in transmission and distribution oil and gas systems, for water or stream pipelines. Using only tapping flange, hole drilling machine and isolating valve, in scope you are getting safe, fast and reliable solution. Isolating valve is placed between tapping flange and hole drilling machine and all the time is opened during the performance of this method. The hole drilling machine has sealed surface that prevent any leakage during the procedure but at the same time allows to use colter that drills the hole in the operating pipeline. When the procedure is completed the hole drilling machine is removed and the valve is closed. After it, it is easily possible to connect new lines and integrate it with existing pipeline network.

The Stopple method is efficiently as well. This approach gives ability to repair pipeline using both-sides isolation and leakage prevention. Stopple is also good decision when some pipeline’s segment is required to be repaired but without decommissioning. This solution is technically and economically efficient because of ability to apply it to the pipelines during the operation and under the pressure.

Using Hot Tapping and Stopple methods it is possible to prolong pipeline lifetime, prevent leakage and reduce repair work time.

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