Our history

Pipelines are the safest and most efficient means to deliver oil and gas.

LIN SCAN has contributed to this achievement with almost 20 years of hard and smart work.

In 2000, a team of dedicated professionals launched the first MFL tool that marked the start of LIN SCAN serving the oil and gas pipeline industry with inspection and integrity support services.

Since then a small enthusiastic team grew into a global operating In-line Inspection company with over 400 staff members providing top quality services of high-resolution geometry inspection, MFL, TFI, UT, Eddy Current, data loggers, etc. that adequately serve your requirements.

Our dedicated LIN SCAN professionals gained unique experiences in inspection which enables us to provide over and above the standard routine inspections and challenging non-standard inspection tasks for pipelines with operational conditions and geometry that does not suit regular intelligent inspection tools.

LIN SCAN was founded (and is still solely owned) by Dr Khaled El Chami in the late nineties and remaining the only Middle East based in-line inspection company until now.

The founder believed that the Middle East market required a locally based company to provide these hi-tech services and to support the development of scientific and engineering potential of the region. Being the energy heart of the world covered with high-density pipelines network the market was screaming for a reliable inspection services provider with local production and operation base to respond to growing market requirements quickly. Initially, LIN SCAN started with developing and using high-resolution MFL technology used for metal loss inspection to serve basic industry requirements. The market was limited to the Gulf region.

However, within the next several years, the company doubled in size and extended its activities to the Indian subcontinent, Russia, Europe, America, and Africa and later to the Far East. By that time, LIN SCAN was handling several projects simultaneously; thus, the company re-formed from the pioneer type organisation into a corporation. The changes affected all aspects and structure of the company that finally became an international services provider.

Along with company growth, more services and technologies were introduced by LIN SCAN to the market. In-Line Inspection services then included not only corrosion surveys but also crack detection, geometry inspection and pipeline mapping using MFL, TFI (Transverse Field Inspection) and ultrasound technologies. It is worth stating that LIN SCAN remained an original developer and owner of its technology and has never depended on any parent or technical partnering organisation since the moment of its establishment.

Recently, LIN SCAN introduced a range of non-inspection services to support inspection activities such as chemical cleaning of pipelines, quick pipeline repair, the supply of inspection equipment and black powder removal solutions.

By now, LIN SCAN has entered the markets of more than 50 countries covering the Middle East, Africa, Asia, Russia, the Americas, and Europe. We have also developed an “in-house inspection support services division” for pipelines with inspection challenges.

Today, LIN SCAN is a large size inspection company with more than 400 employees and network of subsidiaries and partners all over the world.

With the introduction of Pipeline Data Management System software products, LIN SCAN has become a complete pipeline service provider.

Key developments

1999. Founded

LIN SCAN is founded in 1999.

2000. The 1st Caliper & MFL Tool for 18” Lines

Conducted the test of the first Caliper and MFL tools for 18″ pipelines.

2001. The 1st MFL Inspection in UAE & India

Testing of the first Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL) inspection tool in the United Arab Emirates and India.

2008. Ultrasonic Inspection Tool Launch

Testing LIN SCAN’s pioneer ultrasonic inspection (UT) tool for 12″ pipelines.

2009. TFI Tool Development & Launch

Developed our first Transverse Field Inspection (TFI) tool for a 14″ pipeline.

2010. Multi-million dollar contracts signed

Signed a $21 million inspection contract in the Middle East.

2012. Continuous projects worldwide

We have ongoing projects done in more than 56 countries.

2020. Consistent Innovation

More than 1000+ tools and equipment for In-line Inspection and Integrity Support Services and have inspected more than 500,000 km of pipelines.