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Date: 2017-07-06 08:06:43
Location: Head Office - Sharjah, Hamriyah Free Zone
Division: Operations
Last Date: 12-May-2014

The Role

The General role for the Project Manager role includes leading a project team, produce, execute and control the project budget and report to the Project Director.


The Role involves management of ILI [In line Inspection / Pigging] projects.

The projects consist of resource mobilization to the Oil & Gas fields, servicing of Oil & Gas pipelines [proving, cleaning, robotic tool runs through pipeline], arranging field surveys and field verifications, demobilization of equipment upon completion and Reporting.


The Project Manager’s main responsibilities include but may not be limited to;

-      Detailed Project Planning / Budgeting

-      Close liaison with Clients and build up of long-term relations

-      Interaction with internal parties on resource preparation [equipment, manpower] and with external parties on field preparations [site visit, kick-off meeting, etc.]

-      Understanding the Pigging Principles with respect to Procedures and Technology Performances

-      Liaison with Client on technical and administrative matters related to a specific project execution

-      Preparation/Review/Approval of field reports prior to official submissions to Clients

-      Reporting to Management

-      Timely execution of project scope

-      Timely Invoicing and Collection



Required Skills:

·         Must have strong management leadership skills, problem-solving, communication skills, analytical ability, strong team work and motivational skills. Must be self motivated and have the ability to work independently.

·         Experience in leading, motivating and directing a project team of than 10 to 15 staff.

·         Full understanding of pigging execution and project stages, technical coordination, project costing & budgeting and progress reporting skills.


Expected Deliverables:

·         Project Plan and Budget and regular update

·         Weekly / Monthly Progress Reports to Management

·         Justification Reports [when and if required]

·         Timely invoicing [in line with contractual terms]

·         Timely collection [in line with contractual terms]



Minimum Job Requirements:

·         Bachelor's Degree in engineering [mechanical, electronics]

·         Post graduate degree related to planning / management or PMP certificate

·         Experience of minimum 5 years in Oil and Gas Industry, in Onshore or Offshore projects



Desired start date: As soon as possible


The role is urgent so ideally looking for somebody immediately available or on a one months’ notice period.

Our Services
LIN SCAN services include In-line Inspection using MFL, TFI, Caliper or Geometry & UT technologies. LIN SCAN also provides Integrity Management Support Services to Oil & Gas Industry. Other main activities include: supply of cleaning pigs, supply of traps (launchers & receivers), pipeline coating services etc.
Vision & Mission
LIN SCAN Vision & Mission

The LIN SCAN Vision & Mission aims at consistent improvement, innovation in the field of complete pipeline integrity solutions. read more

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