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Cyclone Dust Separator
Cyclonic dust separator is an useful method of removing polluted particles from air, gas or water stream through vortex separation. Rotational effects and gravity are used to separate mixtures of solids and fluids.
cyclone dust separator
When fluid the polluted particles enters the cyclone dust separator, it becomes involved in rotational movement. The main part of this system includes separator inlet, separator body and collecting tank. By means of rotation and gravity it’s possible to separate polluted particles from the fluid and storage them in the collecting tank that are also being a part of cyclonic dust separation system.
The main body of the separator has conical or cylindrical shape and is called like cyclone. The polluted fluid enters the separator through the separator inlet at the top and then becomes rotationally moving through in the separator body. Conical or cylindrical body shape as well as gravity force the polluted particles moving to the bottom of the body and be collected in the tank and after it can be removed. Clean air separated from polluted particles at the same time moves further in the system.
cyclone pipeline cleaning
Cyclonic dust separator can be economical and efficient approach for dust collection problems and can be used alone without any filter inside. This method can be a good solution in order to prolong the lifetime and operational time of pipeline and eliminate or significantly reduce the time required for removal any sediments or sludge that can be inside of pipeline in a huge amount without using cyclonic dust separator.
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