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Cleaning Pigging

LIN SCAN provides both pre-inspection and operational cleaning of the pipelines using variety of cleaning pigs designed and manufactured by ourselves.

We develop the cleaning programs specifically adapted to particular lines, based on the product and debris analysis, our vast experience and best industry practices.

There is no line that cannot be cleaned.

Wax removal

Black dust removal

Dust seperation 

Our Services
LIN SCAN services include In-line Inspection using MFL, TFI, Caliper or Geometry & UT technologies. LIN SCAN also provides Integrity Management Support Services to Oil & Gas Industry. Other main activities include: supply of cleaning pigs, supply of traps (launchers & receivers), pipeline coating services etc.
Vision & Mission
LIN SCAN Vision & Mission

The LIN SCAN Vision & Mission aims at consistent improvement, innovation in the field of complete pipeline integrity solutions. read more

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