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Cleaning Campaigns

Pipelines must be cleaned for a number of reasons - to maintain product transport efficiency, to ensure purity of the product and to successfully run inline inspection tools.

Debris and sludge may seriously affect process by reducing the effective pipeline cross-section which leads to higher consumption of the energy required to propel the same amount of product through the same line.

In case a pipeline is not regularly cleaned then the purity of oil or gas is affected that consequently has a negative impact on the downstream facilities and processes.

LIN SCAN runs both routine and pre-inspection cleaning campaigns on all kinds of pipelines of hydrocarbon industry.

The cleaning operations we perform are tailored to particular project conditions and the equipment is crafted to remove specific type of sludge, debris and/or dust that is found in particular pipeline.

We design and manufacture all standard types of cleaning pigs as well as custom design pigs for specific applications
Our cleaning campaigns may involve chemical and mechanical methods:

Please refer the following pages for more information:
- Wax
- Gas
- Dust Separation

Our Services
LIN SCAN services include In-line Inspection using MFL, TFI, Caliper or Geometry & UT technologies. LIN SCAN also provides Integrity Management Support Services to Oil & Gas Industry. Other main activities include: supply of cleaning pigs, supply of traps (launchers & receivers), pipeline coating services etc.
Vision & Mission
LIN SCAN Vision & Mission

The LIN SCAN Vision & Mission aims at consistent improvement, innovation in the field of complete pipeline integrity solutions. read more

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